Our Mission Statement  
The In Good Hands Group is committed to helping children and adults living with Developmental Disabilities who may have differing abilities achieve their dreams. It is our mission to help them to increase their independence, maximize their individual choices and to make known that each individual is entitled to the same dignity, respect, and opportunities as all other members of society.  

Why we started In Good Hands Group

Our company started out as just an idea, like all companies. Our idea was brought to life when we decided that our passion for helping and advocating for the developmentally disabled was needed in the community. We want our clients to feel like any other citizen and to not be singled out because of their disability. We want to bring about awareness in the community and by doing so we have partnered with In Good Hands Medical Transportation to host several fundraisers throughout the year. A big part of being a business is giving back to the community and we do that by having these fundraisers and educating the community by passing out informative brochures and speaking to participants. In Good Hands Group is not just a service company, we are a family. We want to provide a personal touch to each client relationship so that we can connect with the community on a grander scale.

We are certified to accomodate IO and Level 1 Waivers, which sets us apart in the DODD Service Community